Performance Team

The goal for our Performance Team (PT) is to provide dancers enhanced technical training and stage opportunities through a variety of choreographic experiences.  The PT will also provide industry relevant opportunities for young dancers wishing to pursue a pre-professional/professional dance career. The Performance Team requires more hours of training than the Technical Training Program. In addition to the PT specific class time, dancers in this program are also enrolled in our TTP classes and are required to take our jazz technique class as well as any other elective classes they choose. Also, our PT dancers must take a minimum of one ballet class with their home studio as part of their training for technical maintenance and injury prevention. We encourage dancers to train in a variety of styles and value the importance of a strong foundation.

An important teaching piece of the Performance Team is encouraging the dancers to value teamwork and the brilliance of dancers working together for a common goal, as well as building strong dance friendships and life long connections over a shared passion.

The Performance Team is comprised of dancers who possess strong technical and performance qualities along with a capable aptitude for learning. These dancers will be featured in several different pieces per season, as chosen by the directors, and will perform them in a variety of settings across the west coast of Canada. Some highlighted opportunities from this season include; industry workshop with Moe Brody, Headshots with Suzanne Oates Photography and Performance opportunities both on Vancouver Island as well as in Vancouver.

View our 2017/2018 demo reel HERE


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